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HazeOver: concentration in OS X

When working at the computer user often extremely bothering a different sort of app. All of these tweets, emails, chat messages, funny kittens, which you have set as the background image. They pull attention to themselves, do not give focus on the work.

One of the best solutions to increase the concentration on the task at hand, offered developers utilities HazeOver. She very tactfully dims inactive Windows other apps, leaving before “maciwoda” only the window of the current program. Thus all background computer life remains in sight, but it really runs in the background and not so distracting, allowing them to focus on the right thing.

“Do not let yourself to get bogged down in dozens of open Windows. Minimize, hide, change, search, again, switch. Peace! Inhale deeply, exhale slowly, start HazeOver and finally focus on what I had to do.”

When you switch between Windows HazeOver automatically dims inactive. Thus, the user instantly focuses on the need at the moment.

In the program settings you can select the startup behavior, the combination, according to which “turns on” blackout. With the slider from the top menu you can choose the right intensity level of obscuration, to choose between selection of the active window or the active window of the application, change the animation speed.

HazeOver available for download in the Mac App Store at this link. The app costs $ 169 and is compatible with computers on OS X 10.9 and above.

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