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Have AirPods is a serious problem

The owners of the wireless headset AirPods are faced with a serious problem. It is, oddly enough, removing the headphones from the package case of the battery. User complaints can be found on the discussion forums and the Apple support website.

The problem was so serious that a well-known journalist and the author of the blog Daring Fireball John Gruber decided to make a video in which he demonstrated the “right way” of extracting the headphones from the charging case.

“I often see complaints from users that they have difficulty getting the headphones from the case. For many this is a serious problem,” – said the journalist.

AirPods are inside the case in special grooves and are held in place by magnets. Often when you try to remove the earpiece, it fails to do so the first time the fingers slip off and the device remains in place. In the video Gruber demonstrated the correct way.

Wireless headset the Apple was introduced with the iPhone 7 at a special conference Apple. According to research firm Slice Intelligence, sales AirPods topped the pre-Christmas online sales in the segment all wireless headphones.

After Apple Dec 13, began taking pre-orders for the AirPods, their share in the online sales of all wireless headphones soared to 26%, whereas previously the leader with 24.1% were Beats wireless headphones, in second place was wireless headphones from Bose (10,5%). After the start of sales AirPods wireless Beats share fell to 15.4%, as a result, they dropped to third place. The second came from Bose headphones 16.1%.

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