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Harman has introduced a wireless in-ear headphones with biometric sensors

Harman and Under Armour announced a jointly-ear headphones equipped with biometric sensors. Potential buyers of accessory is expected to be sports fans. Model UA wireless Headphones Wireless Heart Rate can capture and record the heartbeat of the user, the gadget gets power from the battery. Harman’s participation in the creation of these products says PostScript in the title Engineered by JBL.

Feature model UA Wireless Headphones Heart Rate is the measurement of heart rate. Just with the push of a button, the user can know the pulse without the distraction of the screen of the bracelet, watch or smartphone. Using the connection to the service, UA Record, headphones can continuously to record sensor data in the cloud for further analysis.

UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate wireless Bluetooth 4.1. You can use them for music listening and voice communication. The microphone is combined with a control panel that allows you to adjust the volume, control the player, answer incoming calls or reject them. Degree of protection headphones — IPX 5. The device operates in standalone mode up to 5 hours.

Detailed specifications for models not disclosed, the manufacturer only indicates a special form, which will not allow them to fall out during sports activities.

The second announced by the manufacturer, the model is called UA Wireless Headphones. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and is able to measure heart rate, but otherwise similar to the above novelty. The margin of autonomy of these headphones will last 8 hours.

The cost of the device has already been announced. Model UA Wireless Headphones will cost 179,99 dollars, UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate – at 249.99 dollars.

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  1. So obvious……… Could you find any more of a fake photo? This is horrible! Its a generic female model photo with earphones photoshopped! Horrendous. Really really bad.

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