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Hardware Specs will show all the features of the iPhone and iPad in settings iOS [Cydia]

Sometimes the owners of iPhone and iPad you need to know any information about the device such as model, version, platform or processor. To do this without r third party software almost impossible. Comes to help is an unofficial app Hardware Specs.

This tweak adds a settings of the operating system iOS menu with information about the hardware gadget. Data can be found in Settings –> General –> Hardware Specs. What can you learn about your device after installing the add-in ? Data about RAM, including the type and serial number, model number, platform, processor name, architecture, number of cores, the cache information L1, L2 and L3 and more.

In addition, Hardware Specs lets you know the model number of the SoC. As you know, the iPhone uses two different processors. The manufacturer of the first of them (APL0898) is a South Korean Samsung, and producing APL1022 meets Taiwan’s TSMC.

In the production of processors used in different technological processes, making Apple’s A9 using 14nm process technology of Samsung, occupies an area of 96 mm2, whereas the processor based on 16-nm TSMC considerably larger and covers an area of 104,5 mm2. Both processors have an identical structure and set of components.

Due to the use of different technical processes chips APL0898 and APL1022 may have different indicators of energy consumption, energy efficiency and performance.

If you want to know all the details about the “stuffing” of your iOS device, it makes sense to use the tweak Hardware Specs. It is distributed free of charge through Cydia, repository, BigBoss for download.

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