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Hangs camera iPhone? A simple way to solve the problem

Immediately after buying a brand new iPhone surprising design and capabilities, and then suddenly encounters a problem. Many owners of Apple gadgets know about it not by hearsay. One of the most common complaints from owners of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is hovering your smartphone camera.

The camera on the iPhone hangs at the most inappropriate moment. After all, most app for need of photography for a short period of time when you need to take a good picture.

Complaints of problem with an unresponsive iPhone camera have received several months. The problem is found in a variety of situations: when you start with lockscreen, out of the control, the application icon on the desktop. Instead the application is ready to shooting or the user sees a black screen or a static image with a blurred background. Attempts to close the camera lead to nothing.

What to do with the problem of unresponsiveness of the iPhone camera? Listed below are the solutions.

To clean the memory

Clearing RAM is the easiest way to solve the problem with hanging your iPhone. To do this, press and hold the power button until the “Shut down”. After this you need to move your finger on the Home button and hold it for as long as iOS does not show home screen. iOS will clear the internal memory and the camera should work as before.

To restart the device

If clearing RAM does not help – reboot the iPhone. To do this, hold both the Home button and the power button until on the screen the Apple logo. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus should hold down the power key and volume down key. You should hold both buttons at the same time.

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To contact the technical support

If you’ve followed the previous steps, but the problem is still relevant, perhaps we are talking about a hardware failure. To resolve the problem should contact the service center, where experienced craftsmen will repair your gadget. In countries where the official Apple Store you can try to exchange your iPhone for a new one.

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