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Hackers threaten Apple deleting data from millions of iPhones, and reported receiving from the company the redemption of

In March of this year it became known that Apple is being terrorized by a group of hackers, calling itself the Turkish Crime Family (the”Turkish criminal family”). They demanded from the Corporation the redemption threatened to delete data from millions of iPhone and iPad. Now hackers claim receiving from the company the required repayment.

According to the Blackmailers, Apple agreed to their terms and paid $480 000 in bitcoin s. As evidence, the hackers provide a link to a bitcoin wallet displaying the corresponding transaction. Before the payment was made, Turkish Crime Family announced the agreement with Apple.

Members of the group promised to execute the threat in the case that Apple does not pay a large ransom. According to crooks, they already have access to the data of 300 million email addresses of users “Apple” giant, and a large amount of personal information from iCloud accounts.

Despite the hackers proof, there are certain doubts about their authenticity. Hard to believe that Apple suddenly made a deal with extortionists, given the firm decision of the company “encourage criminals”. This is the opinion of co-founder Chainalysis involved in the development of anti-laundering money through cryptocurrencies.

According to the expert provided by the Blackmailers link leads to an internal transaction of the Korean bitcoin exchange. “We found that the movements were carried out within a single exchange,” he said.

Apple has not commented on the statement of ransomware. Previously, “Apple” giant assured its customers that no iCloud or other services was compromised, and the credentials could be compromised by earlier break-ins of other services.

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