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Hackers stole data of 21 million users, Timehop

Hackers broke into the service, Timehop, which reminds about the events in the past. This happened due to the negligence of the security service of the company, writes TechCrunch.

The stolen data mostly consists of user names and email addresses. In addition, the attackers gained access to the cell phone numbers of 4.7 million users, Timehop. Also hackers were able to steal the tokens, which are used to connect social networks to Timehop. But the administration of the service stated that deactivated all tokens, so users will have to re-bind all the social networks.

The attack occurred on 4 July. Two hours after beginning, stopped her. Hackers managed to take over the data to access the cloud Timehop, which was not protected by multifactor authentication. The attackers first tried to crack the service in December 2017, and then in March and June.

Administration Timehop reported that they had been unable to find evidence that the stolen data somewhere to use. She already went to the police and the company that investigates cyber attacks, to search for missing data. In Timehop are confident that soon they will appear on the darknet.

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