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Hackers have proved the reality of the threat of removal 300 million iCloud accounts

This week it became known that a group of hackers of Turkish Crime Family (TCF) has gained access to millions of accounts Apple ID and threaten to remove all user. In Cupertino stated that the servers and company databases were not compromised and suggested data leakage from third-party services such as LinkedIn.

After this Turkish Crime Family appealed to the media to announce new details about their actions against Apple. So, in the letter, the hackers say they still plan to carry out an attack on 7 April, if Apple does not pay a ransom. According to the attackers, all communication with company goes in private chat.

Edition ZDNet received from one of the participants of hacker grouping array data 54 access to iCloud accounts. They were all workers: journalists managed to contact 10 owners, to warn them of the danger and ask them to change the password.

That said users may indicate that the somewhat dated nature of the database hackers: the logins and passwords to iCloud were collected in the period from 2011 to 2015.

According to the hackers, they require Apple’s $100 000 for each of the seven members of the organization, or iTunes gift cards in denominations of $1 million for immediate resale in the amount of 60% of the original value.

The hackers said they were going to remotely erase information from 2550 smartphones per minute, more than 38 million accounts per hour. In terms of overall numbers, all can be affected from 519 million to 627 million or even 717 million accounts. The official Twitter page, the organization said about 300 million records in iCloud.

The attackers also spoke about the reasons that prompted them to attack. Their actions were caused by the arrest of four hackers who hacked into Yahoo in 2014.

How real is the threat, will be announced April 7: on this day, the hackers promised to delete accounts.

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