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Hackers have found a method of hacking smartphone via YouTube

A group of scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, and Georgetown University have developed an effective method of hacking smartphone with the help of hidden voice commands that are embedded in videos on YouTube.

According to experts, in order to expose the gadget hacking, the user needs only to watch the movie. It is argued that hidden voice commands that may be contained in the video, imperceptible to the ear of the audience, however, they may be perceived mobile devices.

The researchers also stressed that the record does not even need to view on a smartphone: hacking can happen from the “outside”. When viewing YouTube clips on any nearby device, such as laptop, PC, smart TV commands can be sent to the phone, then it will be hacked.

Once these commands are decoded voice assistants, they will be executed. The attack allows hackers to gain remote access to your mobile device. This method will give the hackers the opportunity to download on your smartphone malicious software or tamper with the configuration settings.

According to the researchers, the introduction of the device to receipt and execution of voice commands will be able to protect the user from such threats.

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