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Hackers have created “eternal” jailbreak for iPhone 3GS

Hackers have discovered a jailbreak vulnerability in a protected section in the Bootroom iPhone 3GS. According to the hacker axi0mX, tool, exploit this gap in the smartphones, can’t be blocked by any software update from Apple.

Despite the fact that we are talking about a fairly old model iPhone, this is a great achievement of the jailbreak developers. The fact is, hackers have discovered hypervisor vulnerability in the mobile device, which can be closed only hardware upgrade. Previous low-level vulnerability called “limera1n” has been found legendary developer Geohot in 2011. With its help hackers several years created the exploits for jailbreaking iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4G, iPod touch 3G and iPad.

Tellingly, this is the second Bootroom vulnerability discovered in the iPhone 3GS. After the release of the first exploit, Apple was forced in mid-cycle to release a new modification of the smartphone. Therefore all the iPhone 3GS is divided into the models for old and new Bootrom. Now the company is for obvious reasons not to upgrade iPhone 3GS.

A new exploit for the vulnerability the developers have called alloc8. On the project website axi0mX explains in detail the principle of operation of the program. The vulnerability is found in bootrom-section of Apple gadgets means that the manufacturer will not be able to close it by a simple release of a software update, that is the iPhone 3GS got the “eternal jailbreak”.

Although the iPhone 3GS is a rather old model (year 2009), statistics show that many people continue to use this device. Analysts DeviceAtlas counted a few hundred thousand people who call and accept calls with the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

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