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Hackers extort money from fans of “strawberries” using a vulnerability in Safari

Hackers use the vulnerability in Safari for iOS with the aim of extorting money from visitors to their sites “for adults”. It is reported by Securitylab, citing a study by Lookout.

The problem with the way Safari displays a pop-up window using JavaScript. The attackers embedded into many Internet sites exploit that causes Safari to display an infinite number of pop-UPS which makes it impossible to continue using the browser.

In order to get rid of annoying pop-up banners and over again to be able to use the browser, the user must pay the ransom. According to the scammers, allegedly the ransom is the only effective way to clean Safari from advertising. As ransom hackers demand iTunes gift card (the victim needs to send them a card code in a text message).

Despite claims of fraud, to get rid of ads is very easy – just go to settings and clear the browser cache. However, this method is known not to all users, but to ask for help solved a few, since Safari “hangs” on open porn site with advertising.

According to the researchers, the exploit was designed for earlier versions of iOS, including released in 2014 for iOS 8. This attack was previously described in one of rossiyskx sites, experts say. The vulnerability is present in Safari for iOS to version 10.3 and was fixed by Apple on Monday, March 27.

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