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Hackers broke into a spy app mSpy and laid out in open access data 400 000 users

Unknown attackers broke into the database spy apps for smart phones mSpy. This was stated by the researcher in the field of security Brian Krebs in his blog. The stolen personal information of more than 400,000 users.

The hackers gained access to account information and passwords of users of Apple products, payment information on 145,000 transactions. Large fragment with the data obtained with these servers, posted on the darknet. The archive is a large number of email addresses, text messaging, payments and receipts, geolocation data and other private information of users .

“Were stolen thousands of emails subscribers mSpy from all over the world, who paid from $8.33 to $799 depending on the distribution they received,” wrote Krebs.

In total, the archive contains several hundred gigabytes of information taken from the mobile phones of the victims, including about 4 million events recorded by the software.

The app is mSpy compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Once installed on a mobile gadget (iPhone and iPad they should be dzheylbreyknuty), the application starts in hidden mode to activity log and record all SMS messages, calls, calendar events and notes. If there is an opportunity at any time to gain access to confidential information person, even if it was deleted from the phone. mSpy allows you to read the correspondence in the mail, WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage and Skype to record telephone conversations and sounds from the microphone, track the GPS coordinates of the device and display the route on the map in real time.

mSpy was launched in 2011 by the Russian Alexei Fedorchuk and Briton Paul Daletsky. In 2014 the number of users has exceeded 1 million people.

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