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Hacker Luke Todesco, “I’m leaving the jailbreak”

Following the release of iOS 10.3 renowned developer and maker of the jailbreak 10.2 Luke Todesco has anno unced his departure from the jailbreak community. The message on it appeared in his official Twitter account.

Hacker recommends users to store the certificate blobs and stay on iOS 10.2.1.

“1. Save blobs.

2. If you are on iOS 10.2.1, stay on it, if you plan to jailbreak.

3. I’m leaving the jailbreak”, – stated in the message of the hacker.

Todesco said that he has no plans to continue development and update of exploits. “Today I learned that when you say, “I’m leaving the jailbreak”, people think that this means the imminent release of the exploit,” added hacker. IOS version 10.3 released by Apple on Monday, the developer called “infernal security update”.

Last year, as we mentioned, Apple decided to make iOS “absolutely protected”, which hired the best of the jailbreak hackers, P0sixninja and Chronic. Two leading hacker with a group of other unnamed jailbreak developers have worked on some new security system. The developers call it “the security Platform of a new generation with an exclusive focus on iOS.”

Chronic and P0sixninja joined the team of Apple developers last year. The company is known to “kill” untethered jailbreak for iOS devices 10 almost three months ago and since then, the independent hackers were not able to create a tool to hack. iOS 10.2 — the latest version of firmware that is compatible with the jailbreak. But Apple stopped signing this version, so revert to her is not possible.

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