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Hacker hacked new Apple TV and ran it a full-fledged browser [video]

Developer Steven Trenton-Smith hacked new Apple TV and launched on the device with the full browser. A video demonstration of the program he posted on his YouTube channel.

It’s no secret that Apple is preparing users to a world without browsers. The company decided not to equip this program is neither “smart” watch Apple Watch, no set-top box Apple TV 4. In Cupertino have a wealth of experience of getting rid of minor features and technology, setting the vector of development of the industry as a whole. At the same time, third-party developers believe in the bright future of the traditional online RPG. Trenton-Smith decided to move to the screen of your TV the full application for surfing the Internet.

“I always wanted to have a handy browser on the TV,” said hacker. In the video it shows the home screen of Apple TV with new app tvOS Browser. After that, he launches the browser, which opened to full screen the official website of Apple. Judging by the roller, the program has two modes of operation: in the first the user controls directly to the page when using swipe, the second cursor. Switching between modes is done by clicking in the upper part of the touch panel. The Menu button returns back, and Play/Pause allows you to enter the address of the Internet site.

How convenient will be to use browser on Apple TV Remote, remains an open question. Especially because Apple TV doesn’t allow you to type text using other input sources (keyboards, iPhone, iPad, etc.)

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Method run browser on the set top box hacker while keeps a secret. Video demonstration of the browser for the new Apple TV can be viewed below.

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