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Hacker hacked Apple Watch and ran them Flappy Bird [video]

Developer Hamza, the Court launched on a smart watch Apple Watch clone game Flappy Bird. In his microblog, he posted a picture of the device and published a short video of the gameplay.

Hamza the Court postponed Flappy Bird on your watch using SpriteKit. Control of the game by using the touchscreen or wheel Digital Crown and the sound comes from the internal speaker. The other group of developers consisting of Stephen Trouton-Smith, Adam bell, Jay Freeman managed to install and run on Apple Watch the game Canabalt. Video game they released on YouTube. To transfer the game was also used UIKit and SpriteKit.

Currently apps for Apple Watch can’t work directly on this device: now the programs themselves run on iPhone using watches as an interface for information transfer. watchOS 2 will allow third-party developers to create native apps for the watch that will be able to work without an iPhone and use the built-in microphone, speaker, motion sensors, heart rate and controls hours. However, developers can’t use advanced frameworks available for the iPhone, such as UIKit and SpriteKit.

Among other things, the operating system watchOS 2 will allow the user to create backgrounds for the clock mode and use the “night mode”. The Time Travel mode allows you to view what information is displayed on the clock screen in the past or future.

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