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Hacker Geohot has released an accessory for $88 for “hacking” cars

08.07.2017 apleapplekot 0 Comments created by a jailbreak developer George Hazem known as Geohot, has released an adapter that allows you to collect different sensors of the car. The device cost $88, according to hacker, allows everybody to “hack” your vehicle.

Hacker Geohot has released an accessory for $88 for "hacking" cars

Many modern machines are equipped with auxiliary systems that allow partially or fully automate movement, however in the majority of cases these systems are installed by the manufacturer and not sold separately.

Sometimes enthusiasts attempt to automate driving, but for the safest possible movement of the drone you want to process data with a large number of sensors. Automakers are not interested in this, so in open sources it is difficult to find the information needed by developers. Geohot believes that this problem can be solved using the new adapter Panda.

Unlike most adapters in the market, the accessory Panda for diagnostic plug OBD-II provides not only basic information about the condition of the engine and main systems of the car, but also collects a large number of “raw” data. Support standards CAN, LIN, GMLAN, and can also sync with car DVR chffr, making changes in sensor readings can be mapped to what is happening on the road. Also, the adapter can connect to a computer via USB or Wi-Fi.

Hacker Geohot has released an accessory for $88 for "hacking" cars

For data analysis it is proposed to use the comma cabana program, which can work with adapter Panda and “autopilot” Comma Neo.

Startup emerged from the garage project Hotsa, who turned his Honda Acura ILX in unmanned vehicle. The company planned to occupy a vacant niche “external” autopilots with the device One Comma, which is intended for self-installation on modern cars, however, Geohot later abandoned its plans because of the threat of a large fine from the National Directorate of traffic safety on highways (NHTSA) and a Comma One has evolved to Comme Neo — open research platform.


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