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Gunsmith: we know all about guns [+10 promo]

Permission to carry firearms, permit to possess firearms, license to buy weapons, collecting weapons; how the purchase of weapons in the store and via the Internet, Rocha, SR, RH, OLRR, ZOO, F-1, “Zelenka”. Why just so many and all so difficult?

Application developers “Gunsmith” has released a the guide, which described in detail the process of obtaining a gun permit in plain language, with the designation of the main stages (a total of 9 steps to obtaining a gun permit). And, of course, on top of all is the “Law on Weapons” and you will be able to access it and read all the necessary information right in the app.

How to choose a safe? Does it need to be attached to the wall? What doctors need to go on medical Board (how not to be deceived)? All this and more you will always have at hand with this app.

What will have to face the citizen of the Russian Federation, if he wants to obtain some kind of permission? What pitfalls await him? If necessary, you can use the attachments section “Questions and answers”, which lists the most important issues on the subject and ask your question.

The developers are ready to communicate with the users and listen to what people want to develop the application.

Download “Gunsmith” on the iPhone and iPod touch here.

The developer has provided us with 10 promo codes for free download. Codes will be raffled among the visitors who left a comment to the article. Don’t forget to fill out the E-mail field. Good luck!

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