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Gudak camera that shows pictures only 3 days after shooting

At the time digital cameras were divided into two categories — compact “point and shoot” and professional SLR. Expensive SLR camera was a prerogative of the professionals, the soap dispensers were bought for other purposes — a simple shooting relatives and friends and of course travel.

With the advent of the iPhone conventional cameras began to give way to smartphones. With the improvement of cameras a clear boundary between them and compact cameras just disappeared. Whether we like it or not, but now phones have replaced traditional compact cameras for millions of users.

There are people who have nostalgic classic cameras distant era. Gudak — a new app that is aimed at fans of film photography and those who are faced with the problem of too many images. With its help it is possible to capture running, only 24 frames, and to see what the photos turned out, only three days after the shooting. This, according to the developers, simulates the sending of images in a “laboratory”.

To shoot a new film only after 12 hours. While shooting image is not displayed on the entire screen of the mobile — user can only access a small viewfinder as in disposable Kodak cameras. The pictures the application processes so that they resembled film footage.

Download Gudak at the moment, only on iOS, the app cost is 75 rubles.

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