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GTA: Liberty City Stories on iOS – better late than never?

When four years ago iOS was released GTA 3, the world gasped – wow, GTA in phone. Now it already does not bother anyone – there were San Andreas and Vice City; users are earnestly waiting for GTA IV (but then the complexity). Thus someone could forget, but the phrase “GTA in your pocket” was first heard ten years ago – the owners of the PSP appeared in Liberty City Stories. It is now and phones with tablets – that’s just me?

Recall: Liberty City Stories is the original exclusive for the PSP, released in 2005, which later appeared on the PS2 and sold at a cut price tag. The ground under pocket console is not affected – the game was in low resolution, but with a little prettiness in the form of reflection of glass and additives like new weapons and motorcycles.

The city is still the same Liberty City times GTA 3 new York drawn by a third grader. It is inhabited by familiar characters, and the story is set three years before the events trikvela. Ambitious mobster Toni Cipriani (you might remember) comes to the boss, who managed to get a new pet – Vincenzo. Tony, of course, castling’t like it, but nothing to do: roll up our sleeves, it begins to work.

All 70 kopecks missions are typical GTA first half of zero: someone to catch up, to beat, to scare, to blow up, kill, sell, drive. In between the classical for, again, zero GTA start clowning: Hauseri have not learned how to do drama, so you’re being facetious. Stereotypical bosses yell, the bandits rigged the stereotypical, someone shoots, someone sniffs. You saw it in GTA 3 and Vice City, and San Andreas and partly in Bully – if you want to see again.

The main problem of Liberty City Stories that play is play, and not to let nostalgic tears on iOS it’s hard. Game design beginning two-thousand tires; dozens of times to replay the mission due to the fact that took a wrong turn and ended up in the ditch – thank you. On the phone it is also complicated by the traditionally eerie control: wheel to turn uncomfortable, and the next… yeah you know. Thank you, which added cloud saving – at least you won’t have to trudge to the apartment. In terms of mobile gaming this would be especially funny.

In principle, the same problems were and GTA 3 on phones. But there in the case was entered by two major pitfalls: firstly, the fact of such game in your pocket then seriously amazed, secondly, GTA 3, still higher class. Liberty City Stories is secondary, a little optional thing, originally designed for low requirements. Ten years ago, the game is pleasing, but not least because of his mobility. Now it will surprise nobody – but the other trumps from Liberty City Stories is not, and never was.

As for the port: moderately good. Management, as I said, wacky, but otherwise not do. The graphics are good on the iPhone 6 or iPad Pro, but the devices are simpler (for example, at least the first iPad Air) everything is already much sadder shadows and housing is popping right under my feet, sometimes the game is so slow and thinks. Russian localization, and quite good – the gangster slang and vocabulary transferred successfully.

Don’t misunderstand – we would be delighted Liberty City Stories five years ago. Now another point, and when you can run San Andreas, there is no desire to include secondary replica is hopelessly outdated games. Moreover, unlike the situation a decade ago, Liberty City Stories by “half-hearted” don’t give price: game is worth almost 500 rubles, and it is a bit of a mockery.

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