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GTA in school – a review of Bully: Anniversary Edition

Studio Rockstar Games is known about one game (or rather, series), of course, great. But this does not mean that the authors GTA nothing but GTA did not. One can think Max Payne 3 or Midnight Racing, or Red Dead Redemption, or… Bully. The latter is a complicated destiny – she came out on the decline of the PS2, when the console is already lost due to the Xbox 360, then looked at the PC, Wii and – many years later – on the console of the then current generation. Because of this platform leapfrog the Bully did not get part of the fame that he deserved – “GTA in a school” was firmly settled in every home, but it didn’t happen. Well, the game is – perhaps last – chance to cling to the elusive trend of world fame: she was released on iOS and Android.

Especially for those who are in the subject port excellent. The best in the world, nothing else, and desire is not necessary. Moved to mobile is not simple version, but improved, plus a tightened schedule, after all, mini-games, were allowed to remain “in the cloud” (for old games from Rockstar this is important), management of shoveled it extremely convenient. There is a small multiplayer gadgets. Even from where I took Russian language in the subtitles and mini-games. Price, by the way, is quite personal – 530 rubles, who last month paid for Rome more than 700 rubles, he will understand. In General, don’t be a fool – Jimmy Hopkins hanging in markets, burning with impatience, with him when you snuck into the women’s shower and pack out panties for each other is the nerd.

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Now for those who do not. It really is GTA in the school – a description of the exhaustive and redundant. But you want details, right?

Jimmy Hopkins – a 15-year-old goof with the face and manners uncomplicated intelligence of the football player Wayne Rooney. In England, where, apparently, there’s a game called “Chavez”; they are just drunks. The fate of Jimi was not the best way: his mom with another boyfriend uchityvaet in new wedding journey and Jimi brought to the threshold BULWORTH Academy – school for the most notorious villains, outcast, outsiders and other marginalized people. Then it turns out that the unpleasant place is divided into zones of influence: the nerds hang out with nerds around the library, and then there are the jocks, the majors, scoring and pontorezy. Each grouping of their location, their leader and their relationship to Jimi – new first part of the game is to hang out with your boyfriend is a sociopath and his meek assistant. Each wants to take control over the school, Jimmy helps him; the second half flows the other way.

Bully is open for research and is divided into missions, and clear-which is the game, but the difference between projects, and conceptual. GTA – the game is huge, there is just a blade of grass in an anthill. The chronotope Bully is arranged otherwise: a small school, but a suburb close by. Instead of auto – skateboard rocket launcher instead of a slingshot. Therefore, your actions have a different scope – if in GTA you could call up a national army, but minimally affect the city as a whole, here are the three elders will be aroused enough to put on the ears at all. Yes, anticipating your question about violence: you can attack everyone but no one is killed, no blood and full of weapons. So, in General, the hooligan feel is more adult “pie” than “Lord of the flies” or Gai Germanika.

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But bullies you, honestly, will not have time. First, you have lessons – you learn in school, don’t forget. Jimmy rents a bunch of items, and each need to be noted: in biology to dissect a frog (by the way, will acquire lots of useful knowledge), on the literature – to collect from a large lot of small words on music – the beat to beat rhythm.

Secondly- yourself mission. No drugs and assassinations, school time: to deal with bullies, running away from the arrogant teacher, put the stink bomb an unpleasant character, to work for the Professor to get money for a bouquet of any girl. You Belforte will hold for a year, and the weather outside will change from autumn to winter and sultry summer. Hence different tasks: for example, on Halloween you need… however, do and see.

For the scenario in Bully answered the Central duet between the brothers Housenov, but before they had learned to do emigre drama and retelling of Shakespeare, so the plot of the game is a little silly, sometimes openly far-fetched, but very funny and a good home. Teenagers solve their problems exaggerated – someone who respects, who is an outcast, how to ask a girl out and how not to get then in the face for it. The world testosterone from aggression, but also a real boiling pot of feelings. Jimmy, even though you’ll hardly want to meet him in the alley, honest and in its own way a righteous man, whose life moved at a young age.
Bully was never considered a big hit or a significant alternative to GTA (like Red Dead Redemption), and it is monstrously unfair, because the game is no worse than San Andreas or Vice City. And something even cooler – where else you gonna get rid of the ear the old commandant, because you later in the evening got into a female Dorm?

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