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Grey cardinal Apple, which earned $24 million bonus in 2017

Apple love to talk about Tim Cook and other executives. Tim cook, jony Ive, Angela Arends, Craig Federighi, Eddie cue, you can quickly find, interview, performance or event associated with each of them. But what have you heard about johnny Srouji?

This Deputy Director of the only bonuses in 2017, earned $24 162 392, more of it in the Apple accrued only Arends ($24,216,072). Notably, Tim cook in this category took only third place, earning $12 825 066 bonuses.

Over the last two years as senior Vice President, technology and hardware, Apple Srouji received only a few mentions in the news and scant Wikipedia page while the English version of its pages contains just three sentences and five footnotes.

“Minute of fame” Srouji held in 2016, when Bloomberg published an article titled “the most Important Apple chief Executive, about which you’ve never heard.” The article says that the new Deputy Director responsible for Apple processors inside a mobile devices company. “Srouji probably manages the most important and least understood division the most profitable companies in the world,” said the author of the note.

According to us law, if the company’s shares are traded on the exchange, it must disclose the bonuses that get the CEO, CFO and three other most highly paid Executive. Last year johnny Srouji didn’t make this list, but he surpassed Tim cook.

In December 2015, taking Srouji for the post of Vice-President, Apple has provided stock for $10 million to get these shares, a top Manager should have worked in the company for four years, so johnny Srouji is unlikely to leave Apple before the end of 2019.

Rumor has it that Srouji runs on a unique processor for the MacBook Pro, talking about which have been conducted since the release of Bionic devices to A11.

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