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Greek citizens are buying up massive Apple equipment

The Greek crisis has given rise to local residents to find new options for investing money. The insecurity provoked the technical default of Athens, has led to increased demand for Apple equipment and the PlayStation.

In Greece, located in the acute phase of the crisis, which is currently experiencing a mass closure of credit institutions, limits on cash withdrawals, as well as control over the movement of capital, people are forced to look for alternative ways to store their savings. Fearing that their money is worthless, people put them in “Apple” technique.

“People spend all their money in banks because they are afraid that they may be left with nothing,” says Natasha, a seller of one of the local computer stores. According to her, Mac computers long enough will retain its value.

Locals expect that any changes will have a negative impact on their savings, so spend them either on technique or stocking products. If necessary, the Mac will be easy to resell without much loss.

For example, purchased for $1200 in 2011 Mac currently can be sold for about $600. Drop the prices by 50% is quite a bit for chetyrehletnego computer, notes Siliconrus.

Note that at the end of last year, the Russians also began to buy equipment amid falling ruble. According to observers, the growth of demand in large networks electronics has grown significantly. In most stores experienced a huge queue even at night. In addition, price fluctuations have made the technique in Russia is much cheaper than in many countries, which led to a serious increase in the resale of equipment purchased in Russia, including in Europe and the USA.

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