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“Gray” iPhone SE does not support the majority of Russian LTE-networks

According to sources, the parties “gray” iPhone SE, imported into Russia in the first days of sales, did not have models with the support of the majority of Russian frequencies LTE. Their owners will have to settle for 3G.

Unlike the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s iPhone SE came out in several versions with different LTE networks. The reasons are quite clear — it has allowed the manufacturer to reduce the cost of the phone and its consumption. Instead, the company produces several varieties of the same model.

IPhone SE has three hardware versions:

  • A1662 model for the United States: from Russian bands it supports only the 20th.
  • Model A1723 international: supports all Russian bands. In the official retail sale this option.
  • A1724 model for China supports the bands 7, 20 and 38, but is found on the grey market are quite rare.

In Russia the most common LTE band – 7, less widespread 20. In Moscow and the Moscow region are used in the frequency range 38. Thus, for SE Phone it is important which model to buy. The “American” iPhone SE will not work with LTE in many regions of Russia.

Users who decide to save on the purchase iPhone SE, you should pay attention to the model of smartphone.

Officially sell 4-inch iPhone SE was launched in Russia on 5 April. The cost of the cheapest version of the smartphone with 16 GB of internal memory is 37 990 rubles, while the version with 64 GB of memory will cost 47 990 rubles. The novelty is available in options of dark grey, silver, gold and “rose gold”.

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