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Got the update 2.1 for Apple watchOS Watch

Apple issued a watchOS update 2.1 for Apple Watch. Release released along with updates to iOS 9.2 for iPhone and iPad, OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 for Mac 9.1 and tvOS for the new Apple TV.

watchOS is considered as a patch against the bugs in the main release. In version 2.1, Apple has added support for new languages, including voice assistant Siri, and fixed a bug that could interfere with the update events in the calendar extension.

Among the new system watchOS languages: Arabic, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Malay, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. In addition, Apple has added support for the user interface to display from right to left and the ability to switch between Latin and Indian digits of the Arabic language. Added a new extension for the Islamic and the Jewish calendar. Teer understand Siri dictation in Arabic, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.

Worn on the wrist gadget is updated wirelessly, without the need to connect the device to a computer with installed iTunes. Among the innovations visible in watchOS 2.0.1 can be noted is that the new Emoji characters, analogues of which appeared in iOS 9.1 and OS X El Capitan 10.11.1.

Recall that the main achievement of the main release – watchOS 2.0 is support of applications running directly on the Apple Watch, as well as the opportunity to use sensors smart watch and digital crown the Digital Crown. The update also includes new options for the design of the dial, including the ability to set a background image any image or membrane, the function of Time Travel, support the use of multiple colors to create sketches using the function wheel and the ability to bring users to your favorites from the main section.

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The role of shell SpringBoard that allows interaction with the iPhone, in the case of the Apple Watch plays a special add-in called Carousel. To install the update 2.0.1 from app Watch go to General –> software Update.

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