Google's game streaming service Stadia will support macOS and iOS
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Google's game streaming service Stadia will support macOS and iOS

Today, Google has announced that it is working on creating a new cloud gaming service, Stadia. The essence of the development lies in the fact that the games themselves will be launched on Google servers, after which Stadia will ensure their broadcast to a computer, tablet, smartphone and other devices. The service will be supported not only by devices running Android and Windows, but will be able to work on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

All that is needed to start and work Stadia – Google Chrome browser. That is where the game session will be broadcast.

At the presentation, it was announced that the capabilities of Google servers should be enough to run even the most resource-intensive games. To implement the idea, the developers plan to use 7500 servers of the company located around the world. According to them, this will allow to broadcast games in 4K at 60 frames per second. In the future, the frame rate is planned to increase to 120, and the resolution to 8K. The creators of Stadia claim that the service will support HDR and surround sound effect.

In addition to the platform, the developers presented a special game controller designed for smartphones, tablets and other devices devoid of physical controls.

The gamepad independently connects to the servers, determines which device is used by the owner to display the image, and even allows you to start the online broadcast of the game or call the voice assistant with one touch of a special key.

Nevertheless, it is not necessary to use a special controller at all – Stadia will also support third-party gamepads.

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The service will be launched in the United States and in some European countries by the end of this year.

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