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Google’s experts found an exploit that allows you to create iOS 11

As the portal 9to5mac, the Project Zero team at Google found an exploit in iOS which to produce the first publicly available jailbreak for iOS 11.

It may seem odd that Google, one of the biggest competitors Apple is investigating vulnerabilities in iOS. However, this is exactly what Google created Project Zero. One of its researchers for security, Jan bir, is a well-known iOS baghanter. He found about 5 of the 15 vulnerabilities in the latest versions of the mobile operating system Apple, which was closed in iOS 11.2.

In his account in Twitter, Jan bir said that soon to share the details about exploit the exactly defined exported and mentioned the term — tfp0. According to the publication Motherboard, this means that we are talking about vulnerabilities affecting the core operating system, in consequence of which it will be possible to obtain full control over the device.

Experts in information security believe that data that is going to publish Ian beer, will create a full iOS 11.

On the other hand, this information will help the security experts to find other vulnerabilities in the system, and to release updates covering them.

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