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Google will increase the payout for the default search in iOS

Every year Google pays a large sum to Apple for the right to remain the default search engine on devices with the iOS operating system.

In 2017, Google will have to pay Apple approximately three billion dollars. Previously this amount was a mere one billion.

Yesterday, 26 October, Google warned investors that it intends to increase the payments to the partners. The company is willing to pay more for using its search engine as the default in the products of competitors.

Comments of Google was rather vague, there is no accurate data on who exactly is included in the list of partners. Analysts believe that this relates first and foremost to deal with Apple.

“The growth of payments to other companies continues to exceed the net profit from mobile Google search, partly due to the recent changes in affiliate agreements. Most likely the payout will be even bigger next year,” said Baird analyst Colin Sebastian.

Apple devices generate almost half of the earnings from mobile search, so Google for such collaboration is extremely important.

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