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Google was rated the most popular requests among Russian users of iOS and Android

Google has made a rating of search queries speech “OK, Google!” earned for English-speaking users in the past year. According to Lenta, applications that frequently open up the users voice assistant, was the YouTube social network “Vkontakte”, the online store Google Play, the search engine Yandex and social network “Schoolmates”.

As found in Google, among the leading personalities such requests, as Putin, Pushkin, Lenin, Stalin and Obama. First among translation requests (“how to be English”) appears the word “mom” on the second and third — “the hare” and “rooster”, respectively. Followed by the words “dog” and “dad”.

Voice assistant works in mobile apps Google search engine for iOS and Android. Search by voice in English — in particular, to issue and say aloud the answers to some types of requests — was launched in may 2014.

You can ask about the organizations, routes, weather, and so on. On voice queries instead of typing links mobile Google will give a ready answer.

Feature available to users of devices on Android version 4.1 and higher, and iOS versions 6 and above. In addition, voice search in Russian language is possible using the app for the Google Chrome browser on desktop computers.

Voice search has recently been the scene of intense competition between key developers of mobile platforms. In addition to Google voice search supports virtual assistant Google Now, which can also be controlled by voice. Apple has similar assistant Siri, and Microsoft is a new similar service Cortana. The voice search is implemented in a mobile application “Yandex” and Mail.Ru.

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