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Google was inspired by the Apple Watch when you create a new version of Android Wear

Google is developing a new version of Android Wear, which will allow a smart watch to communicate with other similar devices Apple Watch. The operating system appears technology Together, with the help of which the owners of smart watches will be able to exchange messages, images, stickers, emoticons, photos and other content.

The principle of operation Together repeats function Digital Touch on wearable computer Apple. Latest offers new and unique ways to communicate with other Apple Watch owners. You can do simple on screen graphic that appears in the animation on the watch of the interlocutor. He will also be able to answer you drawing. In addition, you can send messages and rhythm of the heartbeat to another owner of the Apple Watch.

In the next version of Android Wear, and in addition will support interactive dials”. By clicking on the display, users will be able to bring to it the current time, weather forecast or information about the number of steps. In a similar way to Apple Watch work complications. Some are traditional, such as moon phase, sunrise and sunset. Others are only on Apple gadget, like stock quotes, weather forecast, the following event on your calendar, a daily activity tracker, and others.

In addition, the updated Android Wear app will add support for Wi-Fi in the smart watch to sync wirelessly with a smartphone. So, users will be able to receive notifications and send messages from the watch even if their “satellite” is out of range of Bluetooth — so long as he remained connected to the data network. This technology is already available on the watch of Apple.

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Google plans to release an update to Android Wear in August. The exact release date is still unknown.

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