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Google wants to release a “reference” Android-smartphone for more successful competition with the iPhone

Google is discussing the possibility of creating a “reference” Android-smartphone without the participation of partners from among manufacturers of mobile devices. This became known to the news site The Information.

If this step is approved, Google will go the way of Apple, which develops its own hardware and software for their gadgets. According to some, in discussions about the possibility of switching to such a strategy participated Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior Vice President of Google responsible for Android. The guide notes that while the idea is only being discussed, about the launch of design “iPhone Google” speech does not go yet.

Google for many years, annually produces the Nexus line of smartphones running on the latest version of Android. In this year of such devices has released two Nexus and Nexus 5X 6P. However, Google doesn’t release Nexus on their own, only “telling” the partners what should be the next smartphone in the “pure” Android.

Rumors of a possible appearance of Android smartphone from the Internet giant, became aware of the defects of the flagship Nexus 6P, made by Chinese Huawei. Owners of the device massively publish in the Network image the back panel of the smartphone with a cracked glass on it. It is argued that the glass covering the camera lens crack by itself. One of the reasons cited are poor heat removal system, which heats the glass in the camera.

In the past it was reported that Google was in talks with the producers of the processors to participate in the development of mobile chips. The company strives to provide at the processor level support functions that will appear in Android in the future.

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