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Google wants to deprive of the main advantages of iOS over Android

iOS is the most secure and modern mobile platform. Security of user data of Apple’s OS does not go in any comparison with competing Android. However, Google is not sitting idly by in new editions of the proprietary OSes have prepared the worthy answer to Apple.

Along with Android 8.0, the company introduced a built-in antivirus based on machine learning Google Play Protect. This week the company began its run: first it will be introduced in Google Play services, and some time later will appear in the app store, which will help to keep order in the online store.

It is alleged that Google Play, the Defence will be able to scan about 50 billion apps for possible security threats. After the baptism of fire in Google Play, antivirus will be available for download in the app store.

Google Play Protect is a combination of several services to protect Android users. First, it automatically checks the device and all installed programs on it for any issues, including malicious code.

Also Google Play Protect now responsible for finding lost or stolen devices. Through it you can track the location of a device to find, ring, lock, add contact details to the lock screen or delete all the data.

Everything else, Google Play will Protect sure that users stay safe while on the Internet. To do this, in Chrome you need to enable “Secure browsing”. If the user tries to open a site that could harm in any way, the system will warn about it.

How well Google Play Protect cope with the protection of “guglofonov” will be able to catch up with Android in iOS security, time will tell.

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