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Google urged iPhone users to switch to smartphones Pixel [video]

The transition from one platform to another – a difficult and extremely nervous. Iron is much easier – if you can gently move the data, even on a total upgrade of the PC to the evening of the same day will remind only changed the sound of clicking keyboards and grown up performance. But with mobile platforms can be more serious. On the same Android easy to install a newer version of the operating system from the same manufacturer may unsettle for a few days. And migrating to something completely unfamiliar to spoil the life much longer.

Google has posted on YouTube two videos that demonstrated how to move from iPhone to it new smartphones Pixel. In the video titled “Switching from iPhone” explains how the user can prepare to transfer your data from your device Apple on Pixel and Pixel XL.

From the beginning, Google reminds you to turn off iMessage and FaceTime, and also advises to check the battery level on the smartphone. Company tells, how easy it is to copy all your important information, including contacts, messages, music, mail, photos, and more.

After all the data will be copied to the new device, Google offers to learn the basic features devices Pixel. In particular, in the video “Getting started” shows work with Google Assistant, navigation, Pixel Launcher.

Thus, Google is seriously considering their smartphones as an alternative to the iPhone and believed that it may take Apple some customers.

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