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Google threatened separation and a huge fine

Google could face a huge fine of 11 billion US dollars from the European Union and to be at risk of separation. As Business Insider reports, the company accused of monopoly.

The money issue will be finally resolved in July 2018 and the search giant will likely have to pay a fine. But the situation may take a more serious turn and the company will lose integrity.

It all started with the fact that Google has forced manufacturers to install on an Android device, Google Search and Google Chrome browser. Otherwise, they could not access the Google Play app store.

The European Commission States that these requirements have given Google the advantage and made it difficult to select users. After all, Android is now the most popular mobile operating system worldwide.

The company declined to comment, but pointed to the message on his blog from 2016. It is reported that Google has become a cause of many corporations and, as a consequence of improved competition.

A similar situation happened with Microsoft years ago. In 1998, its operating system was the most popular in the world, the company also took advantage of this and imposed their Internet Explorer and Media Player.

This, according to the EU and the US government, has deprived the users choice, and the EU eventually forced Microsoft to release a version of Windows without Media Player. Trials of the US government against Microsoft helped the young competitors, including Google, to succeed.

Perhaps the same fate will overtake Google. In this case, the search giant will have a very hard time and he may lose vast sums of money.

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