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Google: the Duplex was not created to compete with the call centers

Google representatives say that the company is testing Google technology Duplex for corporate customers according to The Engadget.

A few days later after Google introduced a Duplex, there were rumors that with the help of technology the company wants to take market call centers. But the company issued a statement stating otherwise.

Google assures that it does not test Duplex for corporate clients. Instead, the IT-giant is focused on the private consumer market, Duplex and are designed to perform specific tasks, like reserving tables at restaurants.

Representatives of Google also added that it is important to avoid any problems in the implementation of Duplex. Technology created to help people, not more.

Google Duplex

Google showed it a few months ago at its annual presentation of Google I/O. It allows Google Assistant independently to make calls in different institutions and on behalf of the user, for example, to book an appointment.

At the same time, the IT giant revealed how it all works – recorded on tape talking robot with a real person gave rise to many questions and contradictions. Many did not appreciate the possibilities of the Duplex and approached her cautiously.

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