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Google released a Calendar app for iPad

Google released a major update of the Calendar app, designed for Apple’s mobile platform. App style interface Material Design made a debut in 2015, and has now published his version adapted for iPad.

In order not to waste our time and spend each day with the use of, install Google Calendar on your iPhone or iPad, call to Google. The developers are talking about tight integration with Gmail, the innovative design program, auto add events to the calendar. Reportedly can save a lot of time. The program is simple and ease of use, and includes several modes of viewing the events.

Among the other features of Google Calendar: convenient schedule and tips – when creating an event, name, venue and guest list are offered automatically.

Features of Google Calendar for iOS:

  • Different modes of viewing. You can view the calendar in a way convenient for you: for example, by day, week, or month.
  • Events from Gmail to your calendar. If you book a hotel room, buy tickets, book restaurant reservations or planning anything else, the meeting is automatically added to your calendar.
  • Reminder. Using reminders, you can create and view lists in a single view with events.
  • Goal. Set goals such as “run 3 times a week” and the Calendar will automatically find them for a good time into your schedule.
  • Help in creating events. When you create the event name, the venue and guest list are filled in automatically.
  • A single calendar. In Google Calendar you can add any calendars to your mobile device, including Exchange and iCloud.

Download Google Calendar on devices running iOS 9.0 and above at this link.

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