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Google relaunched the Google+ social network in a new design

Google announced a new version of the Google+ social network. The service received an updated design, and the sections of “Community” and “Collection”.

On restarting Google+ according to a blog the search giant. The company has updated its social network, refreshing the design, adding the category of “Community” and grouping of content in “Collections”.

Updated the function “Collections” allows users to combine different content on the same topic, for example, travel or surf, and share them with other users. Thus, anyone can subscribe to interesting his subject without adding in friends of its Creator. “Community” Google+ bring together people with similar interests.


Was also completely updated the design of the social network. The developer has brought it into line with the updated Material Design guidelines. The design of the service is done so that it is more convenient to use these functions, as well as to communicate in accordance with their interests and Hobbies, find new groups.

To see the updated web version, the user must select it in the settings.

Soon a new version of Google+ starts to be implemented in mobile clients for iOS and Android.

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