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Google promises to support Pixel and Pixel XL only 2 years

One of the main features of the Android operating system 7.0 Nougat was compatible with a wider range of smartphones due to software optimizations. But this does not mean that Google will be a long time to update its phones: the company announced that its own smartphone Pixel and Pixel XL will not have access to the latest version of Android in 2019.

Pixel and Pixel XL debuted in Octobe r of last year, slightly more than six months. In Google believe that device performance will not be sufficient to cater for future versions of Android: the company promises to release updates only until 2018. And updates security for Pixel and Pixel XL will not go out after 2019. It’s unfortunate to hear, and to some extent casts doubt on the benefits of benchmark Android-smartphone — goes, which is very powerful and attractive even today Pixel will be written off to “old” next year.

It is obvious that hardware resources Pixel is more than enough to work with newer versions of Android. The device is equipped with 4 GB RAM and Snapdragon processor 821. Of course, its own smartphones Google created to demonstrate the latest hardware and software innovations Android, but is still actually selling products. And buyers of such devices would support longer than 24 months from the start of sales.

For comparison, the period of support, Apple mobile phone is 48 months. Access iOS 10 were even the owners of the iPhone 5, introduced in 2012. Of course, in this model, not all features of the OS, however, users can use a number of important functions, the new mobile platform and run applications from the App Store, only compatible with iOS 10.

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In the past year access to iOS 9 got users of the iPhone 4s, introduced in 2011. The same thing happened in 2012 with the iPhone 3GS. The owners unit was the ability to upgrade to iOS 6 after 46 months after the start of sales of the smartphone.

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