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Google Pixel copied not only the design of the iPhone 7, but the main “chip” of the iPhone 4

03.03.2017 0 Comments

After the announcement of the Google Pixel last year, it became clear what the device will be perfect for lovers of the operating system of Google. After the failure of Galaxy Note7 reference Android smartphone was named the best in the market of smartphone based on the platform of Google and the best alternative to the iPhone.

Google Pixel copied not only the design of the iPhone 7, but the main "chip" of the iPhone 4

For anybody not a secret that Google Pixel largely copied the design of iPhone 7. Someone can argue with that, but it is difficult to deny that Pixel suspiciously similar to the flagship Apple. Google decided to use Apple’s design by adding a glass insert in the upper part of the body of smartphones.

As it turned out, the design is not the only thing that Google has borrowed from Apple. Smartphone Pixel also copied a typical “feature” of the iPhone 4.

In 2010, Apple introduced the smartphone is made of glass and metal. His antennas were placed on the faces. It was a stroke of genius, at least in theory. In practice, users are faced with a serious problem in the form of signal loss. Holding the device in hand, the owner could cut off a few antennas, because of what the iPhone has lost connection to the network.

Probably all remember that 7 years ago, replied Steve jobs to users ‘ complaints: “Hold it differently”. Jokes aside, but then Apple had to hand out free plastic bumpers to prevent overlapping of the mobile network signal. In future iPhone models, the company has removed the bug, and now Apple has no such problem.

But apparently this “trick” came to mind, the engineers at Google. A Reddit user posted a video on YouTube in which he demonstrated that, if you close your finger antenna Google Pixel XL on the right side, the Bluetooth signal is lost.

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