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Google Pixel 2 was supposed to come with headphones included

4 Oct Google introduced its new smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. As it turned out, initially, complete with gadgets was supplied headphones.

This Twitter began to let users who have already managed to get new smartphones. According to buyers, inside the package there is a compartment under the ear-plugs and guidance for their use. The headphone is not included.

“My Pixel 2 came with an empty slot under earphones in the package, and mention of them in the leadership,” says one of the buyers of the new smartphone Google Lucas Everett.

In addition to this, Everett claims that sometimes in a set there is no adapter for wired headphones. In this case, store employees can get it from another package.

“In my packaging was not the USB headphone adapter and the store I got it from another box. It’s so strange.”

When Everett asked the representatives of Verizon, in the store which you bought a new smartphone, and Google, he got very unexpected answers.

Employee mobile operator said that in any of the packages of the Google Pixel Google Pixel 2 and XL 2 of them, there is no slot for headphones.

Google Everett said probably got to him that the company planned to release in the early stages of development, but then changed her mind.

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