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Google may be fined by 2.7 billion pounds

Google may be obliged to pay compensation more than five million iPhone users in the UK. The company is accused of illegal data collection. This writes The Telegraph.

In the UK iPhone users are beginning to make a collective lawsuit against Google. Apple device owners believe that in the period from June 2011 to February 2012, Google illegally collected personal information about millions of people, bypassing the privacy settings of the iPhone. With the help of special algorithms, the company collected personal data of Safari browser. According to the initiator of the claim of Richard Lloyd, because of the actions Google has suffered more than 5.4 million people.

If successful, Google will have to pay the biggest compensation ever paid to British consumers. The plaintiffs demand to pay each user a maximum of £ 500.

The lawyers of the buyers already have notified Google. It is expected that the court will be held in 2018. In case of victory of iPhone users, they can require a fixed amount of compensation using an online form.

This is not the first time when Google is accused of violating confidentiality rules. On November 21 it became known that Android smartphones to collect and transmit location data to Google, even with GPS off.

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