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Google maps now show the history of the routes and places that you visited

The map service Google has got a feature called Your Timeline (Chronology), which records the history of all your routes and places that he visited on a particular day.

As reported in the blog Google Maps, view your routes is possible in the desktop version of the service or through the mobile app. For Your Timeline, you must first enable the smartphone for transmission of location data.

If the user selects a certain period of time or an exact date, the service will show the route and places visited. If within the specified period the person who took the pictures and uploaded them to Google Photos, the Timeline will show these pictures on the screen.

Haunt you can also assign labels such as “Work”, “Home” or “Cafe” or removed completely. There is also the possibility to delete the route or the history of the movement, which will surely be useful to those who for various reasons do not want to advertise their movements.

Google stressed that the information about the geolocation is only visible to the account owner, to others it is not available.

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