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Google Maps has the ability to share routes in real time

Google announced a new feature map applications Google Maps for iOS and Android. In the next update it will be possible to share your location and travel routes in real time.

According to the developers, this feature will allow users to easily answer questions like “Where are you?” and “When you?”. Obtained information a contact can view on smartphones, tablets and computers via a browser.

The feature will be available through the app menu or when you click on the blue dot on the map. You then need to choose the option “off” and specify to whom and how long to show the location. As a result, these contacts will be able to see where the user is in real-time.

The function also involves the ability to report the coordinates to another user from your contacts list or send a link in messenger. To disable the transmission of the coordinates at any time.

The ability to share your coordinates will also be available during navigation through the menu at the bottom of the screen, you just have to choose the option “Share the ride”. These contacts will see the map of travel route and estimated time of arrival. When the user reaches the destination, access to information is closed automatically.

A new feature of Google Maps will be available soon.

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