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Google Maps go under the water with new views of the underwater world

On panoramas Google, you can view not only the streets of different cities or get lost in the wilds of the Amazon, but also to admire the scenery of the underwater reefs. The celebration of world oceans day on 8 June, the company released a series of new underwater panoramic images. Service users can feel divers, virtual swim in the coastal waters of the cook Islands, on the reefs of Hawaii, to look at aquatic turtles in East Timor.

“You don’t need to be a diver or even to be able to swim in order to explore the incredible underwater world — you can do this by using panoramic images,” says Google. Interactive pictures you can see to see the diversity of underwater life: for example, admire the sea turtle, look at the sea devil or floating in the warm sea divers.

Of course, for underwater filming is not used by hupmobile — standard tool for creating Google panoramas. Underwater scenery photographed for the Google organization, studying the reefs around the world. To create images was used a special underwater camera.

Underwater version of Street View is a great service for all divers and lovers of underwater life. Interactive images can be used not only for entertainment but also for educational purposes: for example, teacher in biology class, telling the children about the underwater life, you can invite them to walk around a real reef.

Panoramas Google is an addition to Google Maps, which allows you to virtually walk the streets of various cities. Technology panoramas used and dedicated to the art in the Google Art Project, which allows you to virtually visit different museums of the world, for example, the Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin.

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