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Google Maps for the first time, “borrowed” feature from the Apple branded cards

Apple launched its own map service Google much later. And still in many points Apple Maps behind maps search giant. This applies both to the detail and content of the service, and the correctness of the information. However, Apple maps has its advantages, and one of them, Google decided to use Google Maps.

Now the map service Google allows you to map out a parked car. This is useful when visiting the large shopping malls or amusement parks with large Parking lots where you can easily get lost.

Drove into the Parking lot, the driver may mark the point of your location and specify additional parameters: the level of Parking and the reminder of free Parking time. In addition to Parking location, the user can take a photo of the car or the surrounding area, add notes.

The ability to add reminders for the Parking spot first appeared in Apple Maps. But unlike Google maps, Apple’s system involves communication of the vehicle and phone via Bluetooth. When the user departs from the vehicle, wireless communication between car and iPhone is lost. Thus, the device determines the Parking position.

A new feature of Google Maps is currently only available in beta app for Android, the release date of the iOS version is not called.

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