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Google is poaching engineers from Apple to design its own chips

A recent report from The Information reveals some plans Google. In order to develop their own chips, the company decided to poach some engineers from Apple, including the famous John Bruno.

At Apple, Bruno was responsible for the analysis of silicon and use it in the chips. The team in which he worked, tried to do everything possible to get ahead of other chip manufacturers. John also worked at AMD, and was one of the leading developers of processors Fusion for PC.

John Bruno has confirmed his departure from Apple on the page in LinkedIn and said that now works as a system architect in Google. He served at Apple for five years and joined Google only in this month.

The company is not the first time “stealing” key employees. Earlier this year it was reported that Google has hired Manu Gulati, an engineer who I worked eight years at Apple and was instrumental in the development of chips A-series. The new report also reported that Google moved Wonga (Gregory) Choi and Taio to Fadel from Apple, as well as some engineers from Qualcomm.

Perhaps Google wants to repeat the success of Apple in creating the chips. It is known for its quality products mainly due to the fact, responsible for both the chips themselves and the software for them. And many manufacturers of Android use the technique from Qualcomm and other manufacturers, which means less control over the hardware.

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