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Google is Apple’s replacement for the standard iPhone apps

Each iPhone comes with a set of built-in applications. Fortunately for those who are not satisfied, there are excellent analogues from Google that together form the whole ecosystem.

Why Google

iOS is famous for its ecosystem that greatly simplifies the use of the devices. Largely this is facilitated by the official Apple apps that work in conjunction. So, substituting, for example, the built-in calendar also best to download mail, browser and other Google.

In addition, Google is known for the quality of their products, which often perform better than what your competitors are doing. Also, do not worry about your data because Google cares about privacy in the same way as Apple.

Mail and calendar

Standard email client can perfectly replace Gmail, which has several advantages. Among them is speedier, more intuitive controls, the ability to form a chain of letters, their instant download.

As for the calendar, between Apple and Google there is a fundamental difference. Google Calendars looks better, easier to use, allows you to add to the events pictures. What is important, it is much easier to put addresses thanks to the support of a well working in Russia, Google Maps.

Maps and browser

Of course, card is very necessary FOR any smartphone. They can be used at any time to find the way home to get out of the forest and get directions to the place of work. And in all this, Google Maps is many times better than Apple maps, which are generally barely work in Russia. In Google there is an opportunity to see photos of the streets, to learn how to travel by public transport, to consider in detail the route.

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The browser is one of the most important things in any smartphone, and Google Chrome make a great substitute for Safari. Not to say that he is any better or worse – it has all the same features – but if you want to change all of the Apple apps at Google, will have to replace the browser.

Music and Photos

Apple offers its users a music streaming service Apple Music, and a digital iTunes store. Using them, the owner of iOS-device can either subscribe to music or buy tracks and albums individually. Google has Google Music, where you can also listen to songs by subscription, but, unfortunately, the analogue of iTunes – no.

Photo storage, Google has used Google Photos. It is very comfortable with a bunch of useful features, which are not in photos, Apple. In addition, users have access to free, unlimited storage for photos.

So downloading all those apps you can create on the iPhone or iPad the Google ecosystem. Most of all, to work with the products of this company are cheaper, easier and more convenient.

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