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Google introduced the “smart” Wi-Fi router OnHub

Google has introduced a wireless router, capable of making a Wi-Fi connection more fast, safe and easy to use. The main advantage of a device called OnHub should be easy to use and configure. In the future it will form the basis of the company you are creating ecosystem of “smart” house.

Developed in partnership with the TP-Link router is the first product of Google, created using her protocols Google Brillo Weave and Google, optimized to provide the “smart” home. To the device is possible to connect home appliances and control them through an app On Google for smartphones on iOS and Android.

Another advantage OnHub – the ability to assess the resources of the Internet connection and choose the best for user channels transmit and receive information. The device includes monitoring needs of connecting gadgets to the Internet and the proper distribution of traffic. The router is equipped with 13 located in a unique circular order of antennas and supports data rates up to 1900 Mbps using the 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz range.

While the device can only be ordered in USA for the price of 200 dollars. Sales will begin in the coming weeks.

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