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Google introduced the Android operating system M

Google has introduced a new mobile platform codenamed Android M. the Announcement took place during the conference for developers Google I/O 2015.

New release available as a preview version. While Google keeps the full OS name secret, similar to last year’s L, eventually transformed in Lollipop. The platform will be available to developers today we are talking about Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player.

As told in Google, the main goal of the new version of Android to enhance the user experience with a smartphone, to make the interaction easier and more intuitive. With this purpose in Android M reduced the number of permissions that the application prompt the user during installation. Put them together, they will become clearer and easier to turn on/off.

Now when you click on a link in any app, the user can open a standard browser or open a link in the embedded viewer application itself. In Android M this will be done using Chrome. The link will open in the next screen, and the user can continue using the app or switch to the next screen.

Android M will support fingerprint scanners at the operating system level. The user will be able to unlock the device, to buy apps in Google Play. Other possible applications will be able to come up with the developers themselves.

In Android M company focused on the control systems of power supply and RAM, thanks to smartphones and tablets will boast a longer battery life. The technology is called – Doze. Android M using smartphone sensors will detect when the gadget is in standby and not being used by the user to disable the “voracious” processes. All this will allow to increase the battery life.

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Among other innovations in the Android M, the developers noted the possibility of direct transmission of files, like volume control, improved copy and paste text, the new multitasking.

During the presentation of the new OS Vice President Sundar Pichai told about the company’s success over the past year, claiming 600 million smartphone users in the world, 80% of whom used Android. A publicly available version of Android M will be available in the third quarter.

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