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Google introduced face recognition Pets

October 17, 2017, Google introduced an innovation that greatly facilitates the search for pet pics in Google Photos. The technology automatically collects images of animals and groups them in specially created albums.

The user can mark the desired photos name of your pet, and the function will automatically sort them by album.To open the desired folder or specific photo, you just need to enter the pet’s name in the search box.

Google says that the innovation also includes finding photos of the animal on the breed. For quick access to photos, you can tag your photos, and Emoji. Google Assistant will prompt the user to create a movie about a pet, consisting of chronologically arranged pictures of the animal.

“This is a new level of development of the technology,” the company said.

A new feature Google is able to distinguish between two dogs of the same breed, while the human eye may not always be able to do it.

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