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Google introduced an updated version of Google Earth with 3D panoramas and virtual tours

Google unveiled a significantly redesigned version of the service Earth (Google Earth) with new features. Now users will be able to view the 3D maps of certain cities and other places, and some even take virtual tours. Currently available web version and Android app in the near future will be released version for iOS devices.

Earlier web versions of Google Earth did not exist, it was available through a special application for desktop computers and mobile devices. Now everyone can use the service by logging on to the website According to the developers, to prepare the web interface took about 2 years.

Now in Google Earth you can view a three-dimensional image maps of individual cities and other places and make interactive tours. As guides in the program are the scientists, documentary filmmakers and other experts.

Today in Google Earth, there are 50 such excursions, particularly in the national Park “Gombe stream”, which is located in Tanzania. In addition, the updated version has a “I’m feeling lucky”. As soon as the user clicks on the button, the system automatically shifts to a random location, and then the screen displays some interesting facts.

Now Google Earth can be viewed in the Chrome browser on Android. The developers, as noted, complete adaptation for other browsers and iOS devices.

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